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tennant_report's Journal

David Tennant Report
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David Tennant Newsletter
Tennant Report is a fandom newsletter for all David Tennant topics and discussions on Live Journal other than his work in Doctor Who. For all Doctor Who posts relating to David Tennant please see who_daily. We will not link to posts that only or primarily concern David Tennant's role as the Tenth Doctor. However, all posts about David Tennant himself or any of his other roles are welcome.

If you would prefer that we didn't link to your lj, or to a particular discussion or item at your lj, please let us know.

Things we will link to:

• News (media mentions, articles, interviews, and so on)
• Episode Reviews
• Meta
• Picspams
• Fan Creations -- fic, vids, artwork
• Events

Tennant_report does not link to locked posts or any post containing file sharing links.

While the newsletter does not post spoilers itself, any entries linked may contain spoilers. Please use your own discretion.

We will not link to fics that are missing headers. Fic headers should be clearly marked with characters, some form of rating, and, as applicable, pairings and spoilers. A

header containing the information needed to help us create a link might, ideally, look something like this:


The fic itself must contain the header in order to be linked.

If you:
A) want us to alter or delete a post of yours we have linked to
B) want us to not link to any post made by you on your LJ
C) have submissions you think we might find interesting (please note that the final decision about including your submission is made by the editors)
D) have any questions or complaints
E) want to help us gather links or compile the newsletter
please contact us at:
tennant.report@gmail.com or leave us a comment.

*posting membership is limited to moderators and maintainers*

Layout and Header made by the lovely artic_fox