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David Tennant Report
Thursday, October 27 
27th-Oct-2011 05:05 pm
dt: hamlet
Do you have a Tennant community or a journal that we are not currently
linking to? Leave a note in the comments and we'll add you to the [info]dt_watch reading list.

Off LJ Links

Anglotopia.net: David Tennant, former Doctor Who Star Appears on Stephen Fry’s Planet word talking about Language
Paisley Daily Express: David's shoes to be auctioned for ACCORD

Discussion and Miscellany

helygen talks about how you can win a Fright Night poster signed by the man himself
tracy_lousia has tweets and links about Much Ado About Nothing coming to DVD
develish1 is looking for a few good pictures
beachy_geek made a collage of screencaps from Fry's Planet Word
develish1 found a David Tennant vid. Entitled "David Tennant in Your Bedroom." It is NSFW, very likely.


[info]dt_pic_daily: October 21 Out and About | October 22 Planet Word | October 23 Photoshoot | October 24 Look Back in Anger | October 25 The Decoy Bride | October 26 Photoshoot |


Hiatus (8/8) by [info]chicklet73 (Peter Vincent/OC, Fright Night, T)
Up Against It by hidden_n_hot and 10docandr (Brendan/Jenny, Doctor Who/Secret Smile, NC17)
Working Hard by hidden_n_hot(Brendan/Jenny, Doctor Who/Secret Smile, NC17, mind the warnings)
Flight by hedge_labyrinth (Peter/Amy, Fright Night, T)
Carrion Comfort by hedge_labyrinth (Jerry/Amy, Peter/Amy, Fright Night, T)
Coping Mechanism by hedge_labyrinth (Peter, Amy, Fright Night, T)
Something Wicked This Way Comes by hedge_labyrinth (Peter, Amy, Fright Night, T)

Fanart - Icons and Graphics

kumiko_gackt has 50 mixed David Tennant icons

You can reach us in the comments or at tennant.report@gmail.com.
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