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David Tennant Report
Thursday, December 29 
30th-Dec-2011 12:13 am
Tennant tie guh
Do you have a Tennant community or a journal that we are not currently linking to? Leave a note in the comments and we'll add you to the dt_watch reading list.

Off LJ Links

Tennant News: The BBC have released some clips from their brand new wildlife documentary series Earthflight, narrated by David Tennant
Tennant News: New Dreamworks Pictures
Tennant News: Love Life Among The 'Hottest Shows Of 2012' by Digital Spy
Tennant News: Nerdist Year In Review on iTunes
Wall Street Journal (blog): Chris Hardwick Gets His Nerdist On for BBC America Christmas Special
Anglotopia: David Tennant: David Appears on the Nerdist Podcast - Listen Now!

Discussion and Miscellany

night_n_sky has a couple of pictures from the Dreamworks photoshoot
develish1 has a picture and a link to The Nerdist podcast
librarygeekgirl is looking for MAAN lovebars
beatlejessie links to the Hello Magazine Most Attractive Man poll
develish1 has her Tuxday Picspam
emraldeyedauter has another picture from the Dreamworks photoshoot
soophelia has links and info about Earthflight— 6 episode documentary (narrated by David)


dt_pic_daily: December 25 Doctor Who Video Diary | December 26 Doctor Who | December 27 Look Back in Anger | December 28 Doctor Who | December 29 Miscellaneous


Snapshots 23/25 by wildwinterwitch (Dave/Rose, Single Father/Doctor Who, G)
Snapshots 24/25 by wildwinterwitch (Dave/Rose, Single Father/Doctor Who, G)
Snapshots 25/25 by wildwinterwitch (Dave/Rose, Single Father/Doctor Who, G)
I Met a Traveller 1/? by wildwinterwitch (Dave/Rose, Single Father/Doctor Who, M)
Fallen Snow Angel by hidden_n_hot (Brendan Block/Jenny, Doctor Who/Secret Smile, NC17: D/s, Explicit Sex)

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