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David Tennant Report
Thursday, January 12 
12th-Jan-2012 08:55 pm
Single Father hair ruffle
Do you have a Tennant community or a journal that we are not currently linking to? Leave a note in the comments and we'll add you to the dt_watch reading list.

Off LJ Links

Buzz Focus: Blu-ray Review: ‘Fright Night’ – A Rare Remake That Does It Right
Anglotopia: David Tennant: The Decoy Bride to Open on IFC in Feb, Theaters in March
Edinburgh Evening News: Tennant’s second chance in Hollywood
BBC News: David Tennant nominated for BBC audio drama award
Anglotopia: David Tennant: Actor Reads the Pied Piper of Hamelin

Discussion and Miscellany

mswyrr has meta and gifs about Much Ado About Nothing
rosy_nic has a 2011 picspam including David Tennant
beachy_geek with a Much Ado About Nothing memories picspam
night_n_sky David Tennant Meets The Reading Force Prizewinner pictures
apurplepatch brings the news that David Tennant has been nominated for BBC Audio award (and presenting the ceremony)
develish1 has a Tuxday picspam
chloris with a Tennant news roundup and a recent picture


dt_pic_daily: January 6 Comic Con | January 7 O2 Wireless Festival | January 8 Photoshoot | January 9 Secret Smile | January 11 Doctor Who Season 3 DVD signing | January 12 Photoshoot


I Met a Traveller 3/? by wildwinterwitch (Dave/Rose, Single Father/Doctor Who, T)
Equipment #1-6 by tayberhecate (Peter/Charley, Fright Night, PG-13 to NC-17)
Bound to learn (Lessons in Lust) (Part 1/2) by hidden_n_hot (Brendan Block/Jenny, Doctor Who/Secret Smile, NC-17: D/s, Explicit Sex, BDSM, strong language)

Fanart - Icons and Graphics

mswyrr has Much Ado About Nothing icons
kasiopeia has Fright Night screencaps
chloris has 36 icons: Fright Night, Much Ado, Photoshoots

You can reach us in the comments or at tennant.report@gmail.com.
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